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Many of our patients consist of families who have entrusted us with their spinal health and well-being. In fact, some families have been seeking our care for six generations! The greatest testimonial we receive is the trust handed down from parents to their children, generation after generation.

C. Nisley


“I had Jay for my chiropractor in January/February of 2018 and was well pleased.  I didn’t notice much of a difference till around 4 months later.  I dealt with acid reflux for a long time and no other chiro seemed to fix the problem like Jay did.  He took time to work the muscles loose.  I got 7 treatments.  A friend advised me to see Jay.”

-C. Nisley, Michigan

Joe S.


“I was diagnosed with a large herniated disc in my lower neck, along with stenosis, spurring, and arthritis.  Symptoms began as a lame left arm.  It then progressively got worse each day with more pain, restless nights, it hurt to lay down, to sit, or to work.  After 6 weeks of this, I decided to go to Ortman Clinic in Canistota.

I took a week of treatments there, and went back home; I got very good results.  About 6 weeks later I was feeling much better, and back to my normal work again.  Thank you.”

-Joe S., Orleans, IN

Mabel Anderson

“In the fall of 2004, I first visited the Ortman Clinic for back problems. My doctor advised me that he could not cure my problem, but he could give me relief… which he did! My next visit to the Clinic was in the summer of 2005. Again, great relief!”

I told him about the constant nagging headache and burning sensation on the top of my head, a condition I’d had for 33 years as the result of a whiplash. He treated me and I walked out of his office pain-free; and to this date (7/9/07), I am still pain-free!”

-Mable Anderson, Layton, Utah.

Jennifer Dressen

“I came to the Ortman Clinic for what I thought was carpal tunnel. The doctor worked out the muscles in my arms, and I have not had a problem ever since. If I feel my muscles starting to tighten up, I have my daughter give me a good arm massage.”

“Over the past couple of weeks, I have had 2 people, with the same symptoms that I had, tell me they were thinking about recommended carpal-tunnel surgery. I got on my soapbox and bragged and bragged about your clinic as much as I possibly could. I sure hope that they take my advice and make the 2-hour trip down to see you.”

“I thought I would again pass along my appreciation for a non-invasive solution. Thanks to the doctors and all your staff!”

– Jennifer Dressen, Tyler, Minnesota

Tom Madsen

“I cannot thank you enough for fixing the pinched nerve in my neck, which was causing severe pain and loss of breath. I have not had an “attack” since December 19th, before my treatment. I have been bringing in wheelbarrows of wood and shoveling snow with no pain. I am so thankful!” My medical doctor said it is very good that I finally got relief after 45 years. He had me turn my head side-to-side and up-and-down, and no pains or catches. He told me to continue with the exercises each day to strengthen all that you have put back in place.”

“WOW!” I am so happy and thankful! God bless you and your wonderful family!”

-Tom Madsen

Donna Scott

“I felt as if I had the flu about 90% of the time. Debilitating fatigue, pain, nausea (I carried nausea medication in my purse at all times), memory fog, and a host of other problems, bothered me most of the time. I just plain felt rotten and when I had a bad day (which was often), I would have to go to bed.”

“Doctors had diagnosed me as having Fibromyalgia. I also had back problems, sciatica, and a bad shoulder that I was sure was headed for surgery…I had been given cortisone shots several times over the years, but the pain was getting worse. Since I had The Ortman Technique Treatments, most all these problems have disappeared.”

A lot of people have prayed for me for 12-15 years for my healing. I never dreamed the Lord would choose to use the Ortman Clinic to literally GIVE ME BACK MY LIVE. IT TRULY IS A MIRACLE!”

“Now, instead of carrying nausea medication in my purse, I carry Ortman Clinic brochures.”

“Praise the Lord, and thank you all at the clinic for allowing the Lord to use your healing hands in the wonderful way. You help so many people to have a life again

– Donna Scott

Cecelia Bell

“We were traveling through South Dakota, and I had the misfortune of spraining my back. We stopped at your clinic in Canistota, and you were willing to come out to our motorhome and provide treatment for me.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your concern and your professionalism. Like I said, “Where else but South Dakota could you have a house call in a motorhome! I was born and raised in South Dakota and have always been proud of my state.”

“So again I thank you and want to let you know I needed no further treatment. The brace and ice helped relieve the pain, and we were able to continue our journey home to Colorado. Just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your help.”

— Cecelia Bell

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