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Inflammation and pain left untreated may lead to serious injury. If you or someone you know has specific questions about a health problem or symptom you may be experiencing,
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Yes!! This is a very common complaint and a typical low-back problem treated very effectively by the Ortman Clinic. This region can get injured in many ways, usually from bending, leaning and twisting. Many patients notice the pain after raking, gardening, lifting, cleaning or even just bending over to pick up something. It starts as a muscle strain but slowly worsens if not treated properly. If left untreated it can eventually put pressure on the nerves beneath the strained muscles, causing the buttock and leg symptoms mentioned. Some cases are mild in nature and can be healed quickly with just a couple of visits. Call your Ortman Clinic Doctor soon after your injury, the sooner you get treatments, the faster you can get healed. Prolonging the situations usually increases your chances of having more significant pain and problems down the road.

Yes, There is usually a strong connection between fatigue and back pain as part of the typical response when muscles along the spine tighten and consume energy. In addition, when your body compensates for an area of irritation, many other muscles must, in turn, work harder. This is the major source of fatigue in the area.

A typical back pain posture is slightly slumped forward or to the side. This posture usually results in an decrease in the depth of aspiration. This shortened breath further decreases the ability of oxygen to enter the lungs, and move into the body, resulting in fatigue. It is quite common to become upset, disappointed, angry and depressed when back pain limits routine work and leisure activities. These negative emotions consume energy and any or all of these can be counteracted by first recognizing that they exist.

You can reverse the cycle of tension and reclaim your energy by relaxing your mind and body and working with your Ortman Clinic Doctor to alleviate the cause of your back pain.

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