Emily — Clinic Manager

With a Bachelor’s degree in Science-Healthcare Management and many years of experience in the healthcare field, Emily has brought an unmatched love for the patients and the business operations of the Ortman Clinic. Her main responsibilities are clinic operations, human resources, clinic growth and patient satisfaction. Not only is she focused on the health of our patients, but also the health of the clinic’s business side!

Sarah — Business Service Specialist

Throughout her time at the Ortman Clinic, Sarah has filled many roles and done an excellent job at every task thrown her way. The many hats that she has worn during her time with the Ortman Clinic has given her an extensive understanding and knowledge of the clinics day-to-day operations, payroll, accounts payable and maintaining our Chirotouch systems to ensure it is always updated. No matter what the job at hand is, Sarah is determined to do a great job and provide excellent service to patients.

Paula - Business Services

Paula handles claim processing, accounts receivable and the day-to-day financial operations of the Ortman Clinic.  She excels in patient relations and you can bet you will smile after you talk with her on the phone.  The Ortman Clinic is very lucky to have this hard working person on their roster!

Jessica and Krystal - Registration/Reception

When patients first arrive at the Ortman Clinic, Krystal and Jessica are the first faces they see. They check in each patient and make sure that all the right paperwork and documentation is filled out. At the end of a patient’s stay at the Ortman Clinic, when their treatments are finished, they will see to it that they are discharged properly and leave feeling helped and happy.  Krystal and Jessica always bring a bright smile and positive attitude to the front desk.

Top row: Sherri, Catie and Jessica; Bottom row: Kaci and Christina

This amazing group of women make up our Clinical Services staff. They do a lot! From getting the patient’s history and subjective information, to performing therapies, lab tests, X-rays and beyond.

Sherri-Nutrition Center

Sherri heads the Ortman Clinic’s Nutrition Center.  She orders, mails and educates patients on the supplements and vitamins that we offer at the Ortman Clinic.

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