The Ortman tradition began in 1915 when Amon Ortman provided chiropractic care for friends, relatives and neighbors using his farmhouse as the original clinic. As word spread of his success in treating aches and pains, thousands of people from surrounding areas flocked to the Ortman farm for treatment. Amon’s younger brother Noah began to assist him in treating patients as the numbers grew.

The clinic is unique in that it practices the Sitting-Up Technique exclusively. This “Ortman Technique” has become the Ortman trademark. This technique evolved from the way Amon Ortman initially treated patients at his farmhouse. He would have them sit down on anything convenient — a chair, a bucket, a wagon tongue, a buggy seat — and apply his treatment. Since 1915, over three million patients coming from every state in the United States have received treatment. Even as Chiropractic care has become more scientifically advanced, the Ortman Technique has remained an integral part of the Ortman Clinic’s success because the technique is effective, inexpensive, and in many cases, results are seen very quickly.

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The Ortman Clinic is truly lucky to have the tremendous staff members that we do. While our clinic has existed for over a century (and chiropractic care even longer), documentation methods and other day-to-day operations change. We are happy that our hardworking, dedicated staff is so well equipped to handle these changes as they come. With all of their responsibilities, every member of our team is dedicated to the patients and each one understands that, above all else, the patient comes first.



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Our nutrition center is filled with the industries top supplements recommended by the doctors right here at Ortman Clinic. Order your supplements today and have them shipped directly to your door.